Monday, November 21, 2011

Edward Burne-Jones - Holy Grail Tapestry (portion)


Raine @ Inner Voice Art™ Where Every Picture Tells a Story... said...

OH thankyou for posting this image :) These tapestries are SO exquisite and I had the great fortune to actually see them on exhibit while in the Channel Islands some years ago. It was the first time that they had been taken from their place of residence (from the owner in Birmingham if I remember correctly)and I have to tell you that they are even MORE amazingly beautiful in person! They are HUGE and span floor to ceiling and the details ~ especially of the angels' wings, flowers and the knights' chainmail (which you see more of in other panels) is incredible. From a distance you really think that these panels are paintings until you get close-up and see the french-knots! All of the colours in the threads were also made from local plant dyes too apparently. I hope to see them again sometime in this lifetime ;)

Hermes said...

Thank you. Funnily enough I was just looking at one of your great cartoons. These tapestries are just wonderful and so full of detail and meaning. Love them.