Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Archer - Charles Edward Halle

Pre-Raphaelite Lovers Take Note blog post

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Good Harvest of 1854 - Charles Allston Collins

Clementina Maude, 5 Princes Gardens; Photographic Study

Virginia Dodier has compared this photograph to William Holman Hunt’s painting The Awakening Conscience (1853-4), which is now in Tate Britain, London:
'Clearly both works share the same subject: a moment of revelation. In the painting, Holman Hunt provides many clues to help the viewer understand a complicated story that carries a simple moral of redemption. As in most of her photographs, however, Hawarden gives few clues to her meaning and, as always, the photograph is untitled. The vignetting [isolating a portrait from its background] of the photograph during printing softened the edges and obscured the object in Clementina’s hands, which appears to be a die-throwing cup, an allegorical attribute of fate. The snake - a reminder of temptation before the fall [of Adam and Eve] - clasped round her throat further suggests her role as a fateful female.'

Mrs Holman Hunt; Portraits of many persons of note photographed by Frederick Hollyer in three volumes, vol. III

Portrait of Elizabeth Siddal By Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1860 – 1861

The Gipsy By John Everett Millais 1846

Millais is not well known for his watercolours, but did use the medium for some illustrative work, and to make small saleable replicas of most of his popular figure paintings.The Gipsy is among the artist's early works, painted at the age of only 16 or 17. The setting may be Shotover Park, Oxfordshire, the home of an early patron, Mr Drury.

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