Friday, June 17, 2011

Effie Gray’s Revenge blog post


Hels said...

If she married John Everett Millais merely to punish her insensitive first husband, I would say it was revenge. But Effie wanted to free herself from a nightmare non-marriage, find a warm caring man and have children. Which she did.

In any case, revenge goes cool.. after a while. Love stays warm.

You know what was even worse? Ruskin never acknowledged his arrogant insensitivity, as far as I can find.

Ha ha.. the word verification for this post was "sperm"... I couldn't make this up if I tried :)

Hermes said...

That's so funny (lol)
I thought this was well written as a post and I would look forward to a film by Emma Thompson on it. I also didn't know the painting Peace Concluded and must post that. Ruskin was a genius but should never have married. Still I think Rose gave him grief that drove him over the edge.