Sunday, May 10, 2009

John Everett Millais - The Bridesmaid

oil on panel
This actually illustrates an old supersitition, that if a bridesmaid passes a piece of wedding cake through the wedding ring nine times, she will see a vision of her future lover. The model was a Miss McDowall.
This picture is also seen with the apparently incorrect title The Bride and All Hallow's E'en.
It was bought by a B. G. Windus and sold at Christie's in 1862 under the new title. In 1868 it was bought by Ernest Gambert.


Natalis said...

didn't knew about this superstition..and look at her hair!
flame-gorgeous :)

Hermes said...

If you investigate some of the other Pre Raph blogs, red hair often features.

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I like what the images represents, I don't think that's a superstition in fact I'm gonna try that ritual because in that way I'll get a vision about my future lover.m10m

Anonymous said...

i thought the models name was Lizzie Siddal?

Hermes said...

It definately was Lizzie - thanks for mentioning it.

Anonymous said...

I first saw this painting at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I bought a print of it to bring home.