Friday, May 29, 2009

G F Watts - Portrait of Mrs Francis Lowther

c. 1865-7
the sitter was Louise Lowther, a French-born woman considered a great beauty who married Captain Frank Lowther RN. The coiled style of her hair seems to have been 're-used' in his sculpture Clytie.

25.5 x 20.5"


Anonymous said...

Louise Lowther, née Louise de Grenier de Fonblanque, was in fact British of Huguenot ancestry, and born in Canada. Her father was Edward Barrington de Grenier de Fonblanque.

Hermes said...

Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for this. I am interested in Mrs Lowther and her family - I would be pleased to know where you located this information. Possibly you are a relative ?