Monday, May 25, 2009

Edward Burne-Jones - A Loving Hug

Watercolour heightened with bodycolour
inscribed "To Daphne"
5.5 x 4 3/4"


mr arjuno said...

nice picture

Lucy Corrander said...

I mean, look at this somewhere other than this blog, take the initials out of the corner . . . and would it be Pre-Raphaelite?


Hermes said...

No Lucy. I nearly published it on my Children's Illustration blog but it was just a bit of fun by a great artist really and made me smile.

Lucy Corrander said...

Oh, I don't mean it doesn't have a place on this blog - I'm finding it very interesting to see the range of his work (which I wasn't previously aware of). When you show photographs of the artists, that adds to things too.

I was thinking this looks like a birthday card. I'm guessing the Daphne it is 'To' is Daphne Gaskell, is that right? In which case, maybe it was?