Friday, May 22, 2009

Evelyn de Morgan - Helen of Troy

A better image than I had before of a wonderful painting


Zwergenwelt said...

I like your choice of pictures- if I have more time, I will read all of your posts.
Did you ever post about Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema?
His art to paint is especially beautiful!
Greetings , cornelia

Hermes said...

Thank you Z. there are a few pictures of his on my Vic. Paintings blog but he is not classed as a Pre Raph artist.

Lucy Corrander said...

I'm searching around for a particular painting / drawing, Hermes . . . but I can't remember who it was by and it may not be here but on your children's illustration blog.

Anyway . . . as I scroll through . . . (this isn't about to be a serious comment, I'm afraid) . . . on the radio, the other day, I heard a new word a 'millihelen'. The idea is that if Helen of Troy was sufficiently beautiful to launch a thousand ships, a 'millihelen' is a measurement of sufficient beauty to launch a hundred.


Hermes said...

Hi Lucy,
can't help you with the first bit without a few more clues but according to Wikitionary:

that phrase (which I've never heard before) dates back to at least 1983.