Monday, November 9, 2009

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Regina Cordium - portrait of Ellen Heaton

With its original frame.
It was put up for auction at Christie's in 1981 by the great-grand-daughter of the sitter.
signed with a monogram and dated 'Woodbank Nov. 1861'
10 3/4 x 8 3/4"
It descended through the family.
On the reverse is a letter from Rossetti to Aldam Heaton dated Oct 4 1861. Aldam Heaton and his wife Ellen were friends and patrons of Rossetti and he designed the stained glass windows for their house at Woodbank.


Jo Potter said...

Hi Hermes,
Thanks for your visit...Yes I saw the tank in the Wells Reclamation center. I liked the huge iron horses best of all. They would not fit in my flat either!
Another great portrait by Rossetti. The lady looks a bit serious though!;)

Lucy Corrander said...

So fierce and muscular. It may have been an accurate representation of the sitter but I don't think I'd especially like it on my wall.

Though, having said that - it would catch my attention every time I passed . . . so maybe I would!


Hermes said...

I was just struck by the wonderful frame Lucy. I wonder how accurate a portrayal of the sitter it was. I agree a smile would have made a big difference.