Friday, November 6, 2009

Arthur Hughes - The property room

["The property room: To look beyond the stage, thy life is but another page, continued of the play, Thomas Hood..." ]
Oil on Canvas
45.3 x 32.7 in.


Lutestring said...

Hi Hermes,

First off I want to note how much I appreciate this site. So many beautiful things here. :) I hope your health is recovering.

Where do the words you have posted underneath this painting come from , and what do they refer to? Do they have some special connection with the painting?

(I am drawing a copy of this painting for a friend's birthday and am strangely fascinated with it. If these words have a special connection I might add them in the gift somewhere.)

Hermes said...

The words are the full title of the painting. What a lovely idea for a birthday.