Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phoebe Anna Traquair - Triptych, The Rainbow

[Phoebe 1900]

inscribed with the title, signed with monogram and dated 1903 on the reverse of the central enamel; the side enamels are each signed with monogram and dated 1903
enamel with foil on copper, set in a copper alloy frame designed by the artist's son Ramsay Traquair (1874-1952) and made by Johan Maitland in 1903
overall height 27.2 cm., 10 3/4 in.; central enamel 7 by 7 cm., 2 3/4 by 2 3/4 in.; each side
panel 7.25 by 2.5 cm., 3 by 1 in.

ESTIMATE 15,000-20,000 GBP
Lot Sold: 17,500 GBP

H. M. Traquair, the artist's son;
Edinburgh, Shapes, 3 March 2007, lot 589;
Private collection

Dublin, Arts and Crafts Society of Ireland, no. 371;
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh and Dublin 1885-1985, Arts and Crafts in Edinburgh, 1985, no. 76;
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Phoebe Anna Tarquair, 1993, no. 74 as Triptych: The Kiss

Paul Larmour, The Arts & Crafts Movement in Ireland, 1992, p. 74;
Revue du Vrai et du Beau, 10 April 1926, illus. p. 24
Elizabeth Cumming, Phoebe Anna Traquair, 1993, p. 75

"To the artist, be he the poet, painter or musician, the world is a great treasure house, stored with endless material for him to use, teach yourself to match the beauty of red-lipped buds, sunlight through green leaves, the yellow gorse on the hill, the song of the wild birds, so on, step by step, the world opens out. This is life. This is to live, the perfection comes when one's own life is in harmony with this beauty"
Letter from Traquair to her nephew c. 1883

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