Friday, September 23, 2011

Ford Madox Brown: Pre-Raphaelite radical who shocked the Victorians

First exhibition in 50 years sheds new light on the man whose work was described by the establishment as 'grotesque'


Hels said...

There is something strange about this. As much as we immerse ourselves in Victorian art and writings, there is still something unreachable about Victorian attitudes.

Treuherz said Brown was a man ahead of his time who became a mentor figure for younger pre-Raphaelites. True true. But why would Brown have offended Victorian sensibilities with his images? After all his colours were good, his content meaningful and his furniture designs influential.

*sigh* Perhaps only the newspaper critics were offended.

bright star said...

I would like to see this.

Hermes said...

I would love to see it. Madox-Brown folllowed Ruskin's views to the extreme and had stronger views than Morris in some ways. I don't think he cared what the establishment thought - or at least said he didn't.