Saturday, March 7, 2009

John Everett Millais - Portrait of Beatrice Caird

oil on canvas
Beatrice was the third daughter of Sophie Caird, nee Gray, Effie Millais' sister. The painting was later owned by Alice Stibbard, the third Gray sister, and the sitters Aunt. It remained in the Millais family until 1984.


katrinaisquick said...

Beatrice Ada was the only child of Sophie Caird nee Millais...Who is Alice Stibbard??? Research and you will find! :)

Anonymous said...

Alice Stibbard was Alice Gray, Sophie and Effie's sister. I researched and I found! :-)

Hermes said...

Thank you - appreciate it.

No1Mom said...

I thought Beatrice was an only child.