Friday, November 6, 2009

George Wilson

Watercolour on paper
Probably ca. 1878-82
Private collection
1848 - 1890.

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Robin Fanshawe said...

Interesting to see the two paintings selected here to depict the work of George Wilson. One (Spring Witch) demonstrates some of the 'difficulty' that Wilson experienced with larger allegorical oil paintings. On the other hand, 'The Fall of the Leaf' (that is the omitted title of the second painting) displays the medium and subject which he loved to paint most - that of woodland landscapes in watercolour - although this particular painting spans the genre by its ethereal symbolist subject.
At the risk of promoting the George Wilson Gallery, do please have a look via the link on this site, to see the depth of detail and range of Wilson's work. In particular, see the exceptional quality of his figurative draughtsmanship in his drawings and studies.