Monday, August 1, 2011

William Morris - The Story of the Dwellers at Eyr

Red leather bound book, pages illustrated with pen and ink, watercolour and gold leaf; 239 pages plus four pages of index of names of people, and inscription page and note by William Morris.

William Morris

365mm x 260mm



The Time Sculptor's Secret said...

This is beautiful. I saw some wonderful books from Kelmscott Press at the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (currently closed for building work) and I'd like to have included some in my recent Kelmscott blog post but there wasn't room. This would need a whole post to itself! Thanks for sharing. Jane Gray

Hermes said...

It waa new to me. About time there was a good Kelmscott exhibition at say the Tate.

Angela Bell said...

I love this.