Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emma Florence Harrison - Illustrations for Tennyson's Guinevere (two illustrated)

Price Realized £7,170

Illustrations for Tennyson's Guinevere (two illustrated)
some signed 'F. Harrison' and some signed with monogram
brown ink, watercolour and bodycolour, unframed
13¾ x 9¾ in. (35 x 24.8 cm.) (10)

A writer of verse, Florence Harrison also illustrated poetry and children's books, in a Pre-Raphaelite manner. Her early works combined the influence of Art Nouveau with characterisation similar to that of Randolph Caldecott. Her verse had a romantic and magical quality that appealed to all ages.

Examples of her illustrative work include C. Rossetti, Poems (1910), A. Tennyson, Guinevere (1911), W. Morris, Early Poems (1914), Rhymes and Reason (1905), Elfin Song (1914) and The Man in the Moon (1918), some illustrations from which are offered below.


Medieval Muse said...

So romantic and beautiful.

Sandy Hargrove said...

We now know that the artist was not "Emma" Florence Harrison, but rather Florence "Susan" Harrison! Two completely different ladies.


Hermes said...

Thank you Sandy.