Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wallington Hall #4

The Parlour
used as a sitting room by successive Ladies Trevelyan: Eleanor, Caroline and Molly. Caroline introduced the Morris wallpaper in 1897 and Molly bought the carpet in the 1940 closing down sale of Morris & Co.

Burne-Jones Pastel Pilgrim at the Gates of Idleness

bought in 1904 by Charles Philips Trevelyan for his new wife Molly's birthday. (Molly was the grandaughter of Margaret Bell.) 'The Pilgrim at the Gates of Idleness' drawing by Burne-Jones was made in the 1870s but reworked in the 1890s. It is derived from Burne-Jones's embroidery panel designs for Margaret and Florence Bell as a needlework frieze for the dining room of Rounton Grange in Yorkshire. The five designs depict scenes from the allegory of the Romaunt of the Rose. 

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