Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sophie Gengembre Anderson - Shepherd's Pipes, Capri

Please note I have brightened this image as the original is now rather murky and I wanted to bring out her superb eye for detail, particularly in the clothing.
12 x 13.5"
inscribed, signed and dated on the stretcher: Shepherd's Pipes/ S. Anderson/ Capri 1880
oil on canvas
Sophie Anderson moved to the island of Capri c.1872 and lived at Villa de Castello for the next sixteen years.


Lucy Corrander said...


Can't think why I haven't come across this picture before - it is so charming one would expect to see it everywhere.

Hint of Pan, not just in the pipes but in the features of the boy (and his haircut) which gives it gives a slightly disconcerting and deepening aspect.


Hermes said...

The original is rather murky (the paints she used or revarnished ?) and I had to work on it to show just how good it is. Reminds me of Mike Scott's songs about Pan with the Waterboys if you know them.