Monday, October 21, 2013

Effie Gray film update

Probably the biggest surprise at the festival this year came, unfortunately, when the planned Spotlight evening with headliner Dakota Fanning was cancelled at the 11th hour. (We didn't realize she was part of the government shutdown.) No official word as to why. However, our spies inform us the production company Sovereign Films pulled Fanning's showcase Effie Gray, the story of an infamous love triangle in Victorian times, due to a series of screenplay copyright infringement claims by other writers. Effie Gray scriptwriter-actress Emma Thompson had already beat back charges by Eve Pomerance, author of two scripts on the same subject, one of which had been produced as a play. Another copyright dispute, launched by playwright Gregory Murphy, also the author of a play and screenplay on the same topic, was decided in Thompson's favor in March, but Murphy is appealing and, according to our sources, was able to initiate legal action to bar the screening of the film. . .

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