Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Poetry of Drawing:Pre-Raphaelite Designs, Studies and Watercolours

[Curator, Victoria Osborne unpacks the previously unseen
drawing of Mnemosyne by Daniel Gabriel Rossetti.
© Fabio De Paola/PA Wire]

This is a VERY important exhibition which includes:

Visitors to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery,
the only UK venue for the exhibition, can look
forward to:

• The largest and most comprehensive
exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite watercolours
and drawings ever staged.
• The first public display of Dante Gabriel
Rossetti’s brooding Mnemosyne, which
has been in a private collection since the
artist’s death in 1882.
• The very first depictions of the
Brotherhood’s muse, Elizabeth Siddal,
and two of her watercolours.
• Famous paintings reunited with their
preparatory drawings, providing a unique
and fascinating insight to the creative
• UK exclusives including the iconic
drawing of the head of Elizabeth Siddal
for Millais’s Ophelia.
• Pre-Raphaelite portraits made by young
members of the Brotherhood for each
other in 1853.

The Poetry of Drawing:
Designs, Studies &

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Gas Hall
Chamberlain Square
B3 3DH
Tickets: 0121 303 1966

29 Jan - 15 May 2011

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