Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ethel Fanny Everett - A Souvenir of Velasquez

signed and indistinctly inscribed '...ine.../by Ethel Everett'
oil on canvas
36 x 28 in.
Price Realized £13,200 (2005)

The present work is a copy after Millais' Royal Academy Diploma work, exhibited in 1868 (no. 632). By the time he was elected President in the year of his death, 1896, Millais' reputation was unrivalled and his works widely reproduced. The Souvenir was twice engraved; once for Art Union (1883) and once for Portfolio.

Ethel Fanny Everett was a portrait painter and illustrator of children's books. She lived in London, and exhibited eight works at the Royal Academy (1911-36).

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