Sunday, September 20, 2009

Philip Speakman Webb by Charles Fairfax Murray



Lucy Corrander said...

. . . . . . more explanation please ? ? ? ? ?


Oh! The word verification is 'saymo' - it agrees with me!

Hermes said...

Sorry to be boring but can I refer you to the link which gives a detailed biography and his links to the PRB. I only really add text when it is not available elsewhere, as so much has been said about the Brotherhood and their connections.

AMIH said...

So sorry. Didn't mean to be irritating. I like the way the pictures 'exist' on this blog.

. . . But it wasn't the biographies I was meaning . . . I was tantalised by the print itself . . . about why the square is there when the painting drifts over its edges. It may well be that leaving it to 'speak for itself' is enough. In fact, I find this picture has so much 'presence' one would be moved by it even if it were of a man unknown by another unknown.


Hermes said...

You're never irritating lucy, my misunderstanding. But unfortunately I have no idea. It is very good and his other works don't seem like this.