Saturday, September 19, 2009

Georgiana Burne-Jones

At her home in Fulham with her son Philip, daughter Margaret and Jane Morris and her daughters, Jenny and May
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She was only 15 when she became engaged to Burne-Jones in 1856. She was known in her circle as Georgie and wrote a two-volume biography of her husband. Small in statue but very strong minded she was the daughter of a Methodist Minister in Birmingham. She was a very good musician and had studied illustration with the intention of becoming a wood engraver. She was good friends and a staunch supporter of both Algernon Swinburne and Simeon Solomon at a time when both were outcasts to Society, but her real friend (perhaps soulmate is a better term) was William Morris. She helped found the South London Art Gallery.
Description of Lizzie from Georgiana Burne-Jones


Lucy Corrander said...

Imagine, nowadays, if she were to become engaged at 15.


Hermes said...

I thought that when I wrote it Lucy, though some girls at that age are pretty mature of course. For men they start to mature at about 60 (I still hope!).