Friday, July 19, 2013

Dante Gabriel Rossetti “Veronica Veronese"

This picture set up in 1872. Artist’s model for the painting was Alex Wilding.Like many of Rossetti’s paintings in the period from 1860 to 1870 years, Veronica Veronese was inspired by Venetian painting. It shows a “creative soul in the act of creation." This theme is also reflected in the inscription on the frame, signed as a quote from “Letters Girolamo Ridolfi"

Suddenly, leaning forward, Lady Veronica quickly wrote the first notes on the pristine page. Then she took a bow of her violin to make your dream a reality, but before you start to play the instrument hanging from her hands, she remained a few seconds in silence, listening to the birds inspiring her, and her left hand wandered over the strings in the finding the highest melody, still elusive. It was a marriage of nature and the voices of the soul, mystical dawn of creation.

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Hels said...

Note only writing, natural bird song and violin music! This young lady was dressed in softly flowing velvet robes. She looked as if she was up for a spot of sleepy-eyed afternoon delight.