Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones - Study of the Pilgrim for 'The Pilgrim at the Garden of Love' c.1872-7

The figure in this study is derived from the Pilgrim who is the focus of a needlework frieze, designed by Burne-Jones, illustrating Chaucer's allegory 'The Romaunt of the Rose'. The frieze was originally installed at Rounton Grange at Northallerton, but is now in the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow. Several of the frieze designs were adapted as paintings, including an unfinished picture showing the Pilgrim standing alongside the wall of the enchanted garden (Victoria and Albert Museum). This highly finished drawing is close to the details of that work, and would have served as the model from which Burne-Jones's assistant, Matthew Webb, transferred the design to canvas.


Hels said...

I have been having another look at Burne Jones this week, admiring the bold colours and clear lines of his stained glass windows. But now we should say he also knew how to draw.

Hermes said...

Worth reading The Last PreRaphalite (misleading title though). He learnt a lot from Rossetti but had natural skills which included drawing. I run a group about him on facebook, and his range is amazing.