Friday, September 14, 2012

John Everett Millais - Isabella 1848-9

National Museums of Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery.

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Goetz Kluge said...

In September, around the time when you posted the article, this painting made it into the headlines.

Here a quote comes into my mind: "An anti-subject painting might effectly conceal its subject, hiding it from everyone except the painter; or it might tease viewers with clues; or it might be so arcane that few people can see its subject: What counts is the retreat from the obvious, unambiguous primary meaning."
James Elkins (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago): Why are our Pictures Puzzles?, p. 129, 1999

Annother one is "Only those questions that are in principle undecidable, we can decide."
Heinz von Foerster: Ethics and Second-Order Cybernetics, 1990-10-04 (Système et thérapie familiale, Paris)