Monday, February 14, 2011

William Morris Birthday Lecture: William Morris today and tomorrow

Thursday 24 March, 7pm
Ian McQueen is one of the UK's leading theatre composers and a lifelong fan of Morris. His latest work is a choral symphony: ‘Earthly Paradise – Sayings, Songs and Poems of William Morris’. Scored for a large orchestra and choir, it was commissioned by BBC Radio 3.The four movements refer to the life of the great Victorian poet, designer and political activist. It was broadcast from the Barbican Hall earlier in the year.

His talk will show how Morris can be a source for thought and action in today's world, an influence that has inspired him throughout his life and a timely reminder of Morris’ relevance in a period of economic austerity.
A Friends of the Gallery event: Tickets £5.00 / £6.50 (non-members)


bright star said...

How I wish I could be there! Morris is my hero and as you say very relevant in this time of cut backs etc.

Hermes said...

I wish I could go too - but there may be readers near enough.