Monday, February 4, 2013

L S Lowry

In 1966, Lowry set up the Pre-Raphaelite Society with his friend Tilly Marshall, the owner of the Stone Gallery in Newcastle. Entry required ownership of a Pre-Raphaelite work, so in 1968 Lowry bought Pandora for Carol-Ann, so that she could join the society. He later left her his entire fortune of around £300,000.

"Lowry was mesmerised by Rossetti's work and would have had a lot of opportunity to study it, because of the number of Rossettis in Manchester Art Gallery," said Lindsay Brooks, the senior curator at the Lowry Gallery in Salford.

"He was drawn to the very linear style of Rossetti and the way that Rossetti brings figures very close to the picture frame. Lowry had a similar obsession with a particular kind of face - very heavily featured, androgynous women, with strongly delineated eyebrows and very full lips. It's very typical of a series of heads of a woman called Ann that Lowry painted in the 1950s."
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