Monday, June 8, 2009

Model who posed for The Lady of Shalott sat in small north London courtyard

[The studio where John Waterhouse worked survives and is now the home of textile artist, Pauline Caulfield. Photograph: Felix Clay]


joanne May said...

How amazing to see where Waterhouse use to work. If only the walls could talk in that studio!:)
It would be great if you could go back in time and see what it use to look like when he lived there.
A courtyard seems to be a very boring place to create such a great work, like The Lady of Shalott!
By the way, thank you for your nice comment about Zigsa. He does look quite regal on the mat!:)

Grace said...

If you watch the Waterhouse documentary here:

there's a segment where the guy visits the back yard where Waterhouse might have painted it. It's fascinating!!!


Hermes said...

Thank you Grace I'll do that later. Appreciate the link. I've found a picture of him in his studio for tomorrow.