Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trellis Wallpaper

Trellis was Morris’s first attempt at designing a wallpaper. Its pattern is said to have been inspired by the gardens at Red House, which were organised on a medieval plan with square flowerbeds enclosed by wattle trellises for roses. The birds were drawn by Philip Webb.


Lucy Corrander said...

I would find this overwhelming as wallpaper but he had to start somewhere.

I'm now wondering why. I mean, it's such a surprising thing (to do, to sit down and think, "What shall I do today? I know!, I'll design some wallpaper!".


Hermes said...

Wallpaper has rather gone out of fashion now, but look at a late Victorian living room and thet seem overwhelming to us. Suffocating even. But with little light available perhaps they were comforting and certainly showed off their middle class values. Pomp and Circumstance was well named.