Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Holy Grail

the model is Fanny Cornforth


ruthie said...

rossetti is one of my most favourite artists ever, i first fell in love with his work when i was small , living in birmingham & got to see some of his work for real, the colours took my breath away!

Hermes said...

Thanks Ruthie,
his paintings are so distinctive and impossible not to love.

Emma Burford said...

Very naive of me, but where is the Holy Grail held? as in is it in a public gallery?
So far my searches on the WWW have been fruitless!



Hermes said...

Its not naive at all Emma. I got it from a book in my library as I had never seen it before. I usually make a note where it is so I think this must be in a Private Collection. I took the book back and other examples on the web don't give a collection - so I wouldf say its privately held.