Monday, April 9, 2012

Newly found Rossetti drawings reveal how Pre-Raphaelite master developed his style

Three previously unknown drawings by the Pre-Raphaelite master Dante Gabriel Rossetti have been discovered and are going up for sale at auction.

Experts are thrilled about the discovery, because the paintings show how Rossetti developed the style that made him famous - and they also feature his muse and sister-in-law Jane Morris, with whom he had a 17-year affair.

The pen and ink drawings, which were painted between 1849 and 1870, will go under the hammer in Dorchester on April 12 and are expected fetch £20,000.

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Angela Bell said...

Very interesting to see these but Jane Morris was his friend William Morris's wife not Rosetti's sister in law. lol

Hermes said...

Its the Daily Mail Angela - don't expect accuracy. I'm still puzzled, I presume Jane is the Venus with Two Doves but it shows her nude, with is unique if true.