Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Prodigy to Outcast: Simeon Solomon book

This publication by the Jewish Museum London analyses the early career of pre-Raphaelite artist Simeon Solomon.

Essays by Lionel Lambourne, Alisa Jaffa, Julia Weiner, Colin Cruise and Fiona Moorhead. Includes illustrations from unpublished sketchbooks.



Hels said...

Good choice of painting for the front cover of the book. Sometimes he was very uneven - high standard of art one month and rubbish the next. This is a great painting.

I actually wrote a chapter about his sister Rebecca, another artist, but the sibling I loved most was his older brother, Abraham.

Hermes said...

Thank you. I have featured some of the othes on my other blog but Simeon fascinates me. Perhaps because of his tragic life. Oddly it made me think better of Burne-Jones who was one of the very few people who stood by him.