Saturday, February 6, 2010

Edward Burne-Jones - An Angel Organist

Brown and blue washes over pencil
Inscribed - Lyndhurst 1862, no. 42 Top, F.P.
Designed for the William Morris Co., for the East window for St. Michael's Church, Lyndhurst, Hampshire.


Cathy said...

This is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing.
Hoping all is well.
All the best ....

Lucy Corrander said...

I keep seeing this on my reader and wondering why I like it so much. I feel I ought to find it sentimental and Christmas card-ish - but I don't. Maybe it's the under-arm organ which reminds me of folk singers, or maybe its that she doesn't have a round face in the way cherubs do. Nice, anyway. Like Cathy, I hope you're ok.


Hermes said...

Thanks Lucy, I just love those wings and the way BJ drew it. I shouls be back on line now. What a start to the year this has been!